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Pioneering Visual Experiences

PIONEERING VISUAL EXPERIENCESthroughVISUAL LEARNING, GRAPHIC RECORDING and GRAPHIC FACILITATIONHow many screens, monitors and images have you looked at today? How many words have you read? How many pages have you scrolled?It almost goes without sayin ...


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is more fun than you think What you hate about Strategic Planning Meetings People with big ideas are often challenged to find new ways to be strategic, innovative and creative in their business approach.  Yet, many “strategy meetin ...


Stories Inspire Action

Stories to Inspire Action.  Storytelling has the potential to create new and deeper meaning in your organization. Through storytelling, we challenge current frameworks and thinking, and present ideas in  ways that deliver meaningful messages and insp ...


More Than a Meeting, You Want a Movement

Don’t have another meeting. Create a movement!  One of the worst parts of any business has to be the meetings.  You know the ones. Everyone is late. Or doesn’t know what’s going on.  The technology doesn’t work:  the call won’t connect, the video wo ...


Human Centered Design + Visual Thinking

Human-Centered Design  Traditionally, businesses have not prioritized human talents, assets and capabilities in their work. Focusing primarily on technological advancements, they’ve lost the balance of humans and tech – the future will require both. ...