The Idea360 Toolkit – Digital, Virtual and HyBride meetins and Events

Virtual and Hybrid Meetings and Events

The future is already here!

Can everyone on your team see the future?  Do they see themselves in that future, can they see the impact they want to create and the connections that bind them? Do your people have a role in actively designing and building better futures?

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Design your virtual meetings as connected experiences that are

 interactive, visionary and generative.

Virtual immersive experiences can take the form of a multi-day conference, strategic planning meetings, all-hands meetings, breakouts, panel discussions, two-hour sprints, or a living lab that fully unfolds over a period of time.


We facilitate VIRTUAL COLLABORATION sessions, design the prework, create CUSTOM TEMPLATES, and co-create the best solution to help you keep the ball rollingUsing remote visual collaboration tools such as MURAL or MIRO with ZOOM, you can still have that meeting and keep your business moving forward.


Everyone LOVES to get a gift- especially if it’s cool and useful!  The IDEA360 engagement bundle is designed to bring elements of your culture to your team and groups.  We curate visual and imagination tools to support learning outcomes and support visual collaboration.

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Capture and share more of what happends at the meeting.  When we can FEEL the stories and UNDERSTAND the deeper meeanings, we can SHARE momentum long afgter the meeting is over.  we provide a Strategy Story that people can walk away with, put to use, share with others, and pick the conversation back up in the same place without having to start the process over every time. 

Story Maps for Virtual Meetins
Hybrid Meetings Virtual Templates


We design custom templates specific to your organization’s needs to support a specific group process. The templates can be used by the graphic recorder or can empower you to facilitate your own meetings.  Visual thinking tools to facilitate the meeting or parts of the meeting, Post-meeting outcome rollout communicates next steps after the meeting.

tools and templates in virtual meetings


The Listening Lab Popup is a new social listening tool that harnesses local intelligence.  IDEA360 asks curious questions, engages creative ideas, designs and conducts creative experiments. The insights and intelligence you capture through the virtual and hybrid Listening Lab Pop-ups can show up throughout the organization, giving you a broader base of understanding, ideation, and support for emerging new initiatives. You can more easily translate new strategies into bold actions. 

Listening Popup Walls


We create a fully designed and branded takeaway, complete with visuals, storytelling, maps and more, to bring back all the details, excitement and energy of your meeting.  By capturing the events, speakers, and ideas of your journey, you retain the momentum, encourage action and share the enthusiasm so that even colleagues who did not attend will quickly understand and become part of your movement. 


Hybrid meetings are will soon be the new normal for 2021 and beyond. They present an enormous opportunity for creativity and engagement.  It is important to design your meeting so two audiences converge and feel like one community.  Platforms like MIRO and MURAL enable attendees to think and imagine together.  Send an Engagement bundle to your remote attendees and then, everyone has the same tools.

Hybrid Meetings Virtual Templates


The value we provide extends  beyond graphic facilitation – visually capturing the present – to actually helping our clients SEE THE FUTURE.  So we’ve formalized that process into specific immersive experiences designed for clients who are actively seeking ways to prepare for the emerging environment of tomorrow. 

Visual Futures for Hybrid meetings
Visual Futures What's after What's next
Virtual Hybrid Digital Meetings

Your canvas is everywhere in a way that was never possible before, and every story can reach every single surface. 

-Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO

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