In business and in life, you often hear the question, “so, what’s next?”

At IDEA360, we ask “what’s AFTER what’s next?” 

WELCOME!  If you are new – we are happy you are here.  If you are returning – we have lots of new things to share!

After 22 years of pioneering visual experiences and graphic facilitation, we are expanding the foundation of our work. The conversation has shifted and we realize that we have to shift with it. With that, we’re excited to announce our expanded vision!

AT IDEA360, our vision is that all people will be able to boldly imagine possibilities, activate their own curiosity, creativity, and discovery, and become their own futurists to improve the lives of others by designing better futures.

We are leaving a time that was incremental, predictable, and certain – and entering one that’s exponential, creative, engaged and unpredictable. Welcome to the Imagination Age.

To help you adjust to this shift in business thinking and focus, we have developed a set of design principles for the Imagination Age, we call “Possibility In Action.” Possibility in Action enables people with big ideas to be innovative and strategic in their work and see the future in ways they had not imagined before.


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Janine Underhill


what we are doing that is different


We create an environment that fuels discovery and exploration that is designed for moments of surprise and impact. We believe that creative problem solving is better done with a picture that gets everyone on the same page and allows them to see themselves in the image.


North America’s only Graphic Facilitation and Visual Storytelling provider that strategically focuses on the future. We are pioneering the field as Heuristic Futurists – where we enable discovery so you can see the future.


We design for moments of impact so people are able to embrace their own creativity and curiosity and invite new ways of thinking. The shift from the business of today to the business of tomorrow needs a roadmap for conversation that leads to resilient, flexible and adaptive outcomes.

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