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You spent weeks planning your last big meeting. You had the right speakers. The right content. The right engagement. And then it was over and you watched all the momentum disappear. Uh oh…

All that work, all those ideas, all those breakthroughs… gone in an instant.

You planned your meeting. But you didn’t plan for after the meeting—which is where all those ideas and breakthroughs have to be put into action. You can’t afford to lose that momentum. It’s time to Amplify the Impact of your meetings and events.
The Amplify the Impact Digital Storybook removes the expiration date from your meetings. It is a map for post-meeting momentum, generated in real-time during your event and then provided to all attendees afterward. It is a visual re-telling of the meeting’s key themes and ideas, allowing participants to feel a deeper connection to what’s possible and be propelled into action.

Are you are tasked with making meaningful decisions fast, capturing inspiration and making connections and communicating impact.   

IDEA 360 applies neuroscience, learning theory, graphic facilitation, and storytelling to tap into brain power and inspire change by giving participants the tools to tell the stories that matter long after the meeting!

We go deeper. We create a fully designed and branded Digital Storybook complete with visuals, storytelling and maps to bring back the meeting and all the excitement and energy. 

The Amplify the Impact Storybook helps your meeting participants: Access their full memory of the event Re-live content and ideas Make sense of how they fit in the big picture Make connections between big ideas
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“No more getting ready to get ready. The future is here.” 

– Kim Bimestefer


What is Graphic Facilitation?

What is graphic facilitation? Meetings, organizational change, and consensus building can be a real drag if not properly planned and executed. Particularly in this era of hyper-accelerated technology and virtual connection, it’s more important than ever to go beyond the traditional paradigms for leadership and tap into new ways of communicating with and inspiring our teams.

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