Planting Seeds of Connection and Creativity

planing the seeds of creativity and connection

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The BIG IDEA- gifting the future 

I bet we are all thinking about what to give our clients this year. We could go the usual route – another plaque, fuzzy jacket, a fruit basket, or maybe a fancy pen. 

Hmmm… when I think of what lights up my heart… it’s not those items (as lovely  as they are).  This year, we need to dig a deeper to find something that sparks a new kind of energy.  Not just a thing, but a doorway to potential, connection, and creativity. 

That’s where the idea of gifting an experience comes in, something that leaves a mark. Research tells us that experiences, rather than physical objects, forge deeper connections and become part of who we are.

They’re the gifts that keep on giving because they live on in stories, laughter, and new insights.

Picture This…

Imagine finding a gift for our clients- something that changes their conversations, opens up new paths of thinking, and brings their teams closer together. Picture a workshop where people aren’t just filling seats and pages with their ideas of what could be. So, we created the ‘VISION 2024’ Workshop – a space where teams come together to dream, plan, and get excited about the future.

We’re trying to get it right.

We are all about making these connections happen.

  • We believe in the power of collective imagination to drive innovation and engagement.
  • We believe it’s about listening, sharing, and visualizing together.

People are tired and need a new horizon to focus on. It’s about transforming a regular end-of-year meeting into a mass-up of creativity and connection.

The BIG IDEA- gifting the future

When we started to imagine what might be possible to gift an experience….but not just another workshop. We designed ‘VISION 2024’ to initiate new conversations, strengthening relationships, and connect teams around a path of discovery and growth. We want it to foster an environment where ideas flow freely, and everyone feels a part of something bigger.

See the future

A New Way of Thinking

So, as we head into this season of giving, we’re thinking differently about the gifts we choose. Maybe it’s time to step away from the traditional and step into the world of experiences – designed for moments of impact that opens doors to new possibilities.

If you’re curious about how ‘VISION 2024’ could change the game for your clients, follow the link and share your ideas.  We’ll start a conversation about the future. 

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