Gifting Experiences and Supporting Dreams

gifting experiences

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I want to share something interesting happened last week that I really want to share.  At the height of black Friday- Stephanie Niviskus posted a question asking people to share their products and services because she wanted to spend her money supporting her community.  Black Friday came and went and then, we arrived at Giving Tuesday, and now we are in the holiday season where giving and sharing is what it is all about.  

This got me thinking… what if we could give and share things with people we work with…more than a card or fruit basket?  It’s often hard to find the perfect way to show our appreciation to people in our professional lives, especially now that people don’t work in an office or have an address.   

Well, I think I’ve stumbled upon something pretty special, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Giving in Our Everyday Work

When someone takes the time to acknowledge you (brings you the perfect cup of  coffee because they know you love it extra hot, double caf, oat milk, with foam but not too much foam), it feels great, right? There’s actually some science behind this warm and fuzzy feeling. Research shows that when we express gratitude at work, it does wonders – boosting job satisfaction and team spirit. Check out Forbes article on layered employee appreciation holiday parties and free pizza.  Over 80% of folks feel super motivated when they and their efforts are recognized. That’s huge!  A thank you, and a complicated coffee can do that.

gifting experiences and supporting dreams

Why Experiences Are the Real Deal

Then, I started to think about what we do…it goes beyond a gift.  We love delivering that same feeling through amazing experiences that stick with you. There’s a study in the ‘Journal of Psychological Science’ that speaks to my heart. It says that experiences, like learning something new or going to an inspiring workshop, actually bring us more joy than material things. They build connections and become part of our story.  I would be cooking yummy food with friends outdoors after a long day on the river over almost anything else.

More Than Just a Workshop

I think we all need something more than a card and a fruit basket this year.  It’s been one for the books for us.  I created ‘VISION 2024.’ It’s not an average workshop. It’s a few hours where teams dream big, bond, and see a future they can shape together. It’s about taking a little bit of time out to light up that spark of creativity and seeing where it takes us. Spark a little magic that can take us into 2024.

Connecting to more hearts

I thought…what if this whole idea of creating and sharing meaningful experiences could tie into the mission of Wendy White and Lisa Main at ‘Let’s Choose Love.’ Their vision is all about pouring into communities and kindling hope and dreams. It’s about making the world a little brighter, a little kinder.  While ‘VISION 2024’ pours into teams and leader- they are expanding their impact into communities.  IT’S PERFECT!

Joining Forces for Good

So here’s what I’m thinking. For every ‘VISION  2024’ we do, we’re going to support ‘Let’s Choose Love.’ A part of what we earn goes straight to them, helping to turn dreams into realities for so many people. This way, our gratitude isn’t just a word; it’s action. It’s making a difference.

Let’s Make It Happen

I’m inviting you to be part of this. Next time you’re thinking of how to thank your team, or trying to figure out what to give your client- why not choose an experience that truly makes an impact? And remember, every time we do this, we’re not just growing as a team; we’re helping to spread a whole lot of love.

We believe imagination delivers everything.  

Visit the great work Lisa and Wendy are doing at 

We love helping people see the future, especially when we imagine, create, and choose possibility together.

Read more about the VISION 2024 workshop here.  Call and book a session for your team or your clients!  Click here to share your idea and book a quick call to talk about the possibilities. 

Cheers to making a difference, one experience at a time.

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