Unlocking tomorrow with a ‘VISION 2024’

vision 2024 workshop

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Hello, Incredible Community- as we wave goodbye to 2023, let’s embrace the spirit of giving and forward-thinking! Inspired by the wonderful initiative of Stephanie Niviskus.  We are reimagining this season as a “GIVING SEASON” by presenting your team and clients with a gift that appreciates them and propels them into a successful future.

Unlocking tomorrow with ‘VISION 2024’

A shockingly low 2% of leaders are confident about achieving their strategic objectives, and merely 5% of employees fully understand their company’s strategy. We can turn that around through collaborative experiences that align and empower teams toward success.

What’s in it for You and Your Clients?

  • Engaging and Fun: An immersive journey through the past year’s triumphs, setting the stage for future achievements.
  • Strategic and Practical: Big ideas turned into practical actions with a dash of applied imagination—because we believe imagination delivers everything.
  • Tailored for Impact: Customized sessions designed to resonate with the unique dynamics of each team.

Exclusive Workshop Details

  • Personal pre-workshop consultation with you and/or your client.
  • A collaborative “2024-See the Future Canvas” for collective visioning.
  • Interactive sessions via Zoom and MIRO.
  • Customized workbooks for individual and team goal-setting.
  • Expert facilitation to ensure an engaging and impactful experience.
  • A comprehensive recap report to sustain post-workshop momentum.
  • Flexible options for in-person sessions and extended workshop formats.
  • Available as a 2-hour, 4-hour or in-person workshop!

Takeaways and Impact

  • For Individuals: A sense of belonging, clarity on personal contributions, and creative empowerment.
  • For Teams: Clear direction, established priorities, and a strategic roadmap for 2024, making complex ideas tangible and engaging.
  • For Leaders: Empower teams to tackle challenges by moving beyond conventional solutions creatively.
Unlocking tomorrow with ‘VISION 2024’

Why ‘VISION 2024’ as a Gift?

Gifting ‘VISION 2024′ to your clients goes beyond a simple thank you; it’s a strategic investment in their journey toward future success. It positions you as a partner deeply committed to their long-term growth and success. Read more about the power of gifting.

SPECIAL PRICING ALERT for the IDEA360 Community!

We’re offering this transformative workshop at a special discounted rate exclusively for our community. It’s our way of fostering our shared growth and success.

Why Choose Us?

At IDEA360, we don’t just dream about the future; we actively design for it. Our expertise as Visual Futurists specializing in strategic anticipation/visualization and team engagement positions us as the ideal facilitators for this workshop. We’re committed to not just planning for 2024 but creating a future of success and innovation.

Let's choose love

Season of Giving

For every ‘VISION 2024‘ workshop, we’re going to support ‘Let’s Choose Love.A part of what we earn goes straight to them, helping to turn dreams into realities for so many people. This way, our gratitude isn’t just a word; it’s action. It’s making a difference.  

Are you interested in hosting this transformative experience? Contact us to learn more about the workshop and take advantage of our special offering.  

Let’s make 2024 a year of breakthroughs and success, together! Connect to get started now. 

Vision 2024 workshop

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