How to Make Strategic Planning 1000% More Productive

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We all know how important strategic planning is. It gives your team direction and identifies your directional priorities and goals.

But how many times have you left your strategic planning meeting bogged down with binders, worksheets, and other endless materials that won’t get used? Or you have a tidy spreadsheet with KPIs and OKRs but no road map for illuminating and activating that strategy among the people you’ll rely on to carry it out?

Same Mindset, Same Results

In business, we’ve been trained to think 10% beyond where we are now. We bring an incremental mindset to our strategies, which of course yields only incremental results.

If we continue to bring the same mindsets, ask the same questions, and engage in the same behaviors, we’ll get more of the same results.

But what if you were asking questions that took your thinking from incremental to exponential? What would it take for your strategic planning meeting to be 1000% more productive than it’s ever been before?

That’s exactly what we do in the Epiphany Lab.

Achieve an Exponential Leap Forward

Ever wonder what it would be like to actually see & shape the future by imagining it, collaboratively creating it, and aligning your team around it? 


The Epiphany Lab is a space where imagination rules and epiphanies happen. In an Epiphany Lab, you will immerse your team in an energetic, dynamic space where new ideas abound and anything is possible. You will learn to creatively think outside the box and discover new mindsets and behaviors. You’ll learn to think exponentially.


In the Epiphany Lab, you’ll hold crucial conversations that tap into the collective wisdom of your people to discover and answer your BIG HAIRY QUESTIONS about what is emerging in your industry or business that will impact the work you do in the future. You’ll set shared agreements  while you see and experience your strategic story developing in front of you in real time, driving deeper meaning, alignment, momentum and impact within your team. 


As you unpack the present and imagine the future, you will discover new and strategic ways of working that inspire you toward a shared picture of the future. You’ll leave knowing who you need to be, what your big bets are, and the strategic trade-offs you’ve chosen. You’ll create a connected, actionable plan that delivers that future.

Your epiphanies happen through our human-centered approach to strategy, applying neuroscience, visual thinking, learning theory, graphic facilitation, and storytelling to activate the whole-brain power of participants. You’ll receive an immersive experience that is linked to your organizational objectives and leaves you ready to take inspired action.


What Exactly Is the Epiphany Lab?

The Epiphany Lab is a highly interactive, highly impactful facilitated workshop. It is designed to enable you and your team to discover new ways of working and leading that yield exponential, not incremental, growth.


It is:

  • Fully customizable to the needs and priorities of your organization and event 
  • Delivered in person, virtually, or hybrid
  • Available in multiple formats, from a 1-hour plenary session to a 4-day workshop
  • A “sandbox” environment that sparks big, innovative, out-of-the-box, future-focused ideas that drive real business impact


Get 1000% More Productive with Your Strategic Planning

What our participants say: Idea360 is absolutely phenomenally amazing at listening to many invoices and distilling that into a picture.  They made the work of the week 1000% more valuable. “- Workshop Participant 

Is it time to start planning your next strategic planning retreat? The Epiphany Lab is the right format for you if you want to:

  • Bring a little Wild Rumpus to your event
  • Map out the collective thinking around emerging changes in your industry
  • Explore new ways to stay competitive
  • Discover your own hidden leadership talents and your ability to think exponentially
  • Create new solutions that are creative, innovative, and strategic
  • Break old thought patterns and envision a new future 


Sound like you? Let’s talk!

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