Stories Inspire Action


Stories to Inspire Action. 

Storytelling has the potential to create new and deeper meaning in your organization.

Through storytelling, we challenge current frameworks and thinking, and present ideas in  ways that deliver meaningful messages and inspire people to think and act differently. Storytelling is powerful. It can be used to create change, build culture, disseminate learning, capture knowledge and inspire movements. 

With support and conscious work to grow attendee skills, your organization will experience the payoff of storytelling again and again. Even after the initial engagement ends: that is when the magic really happens, and results are realized. When using storytelling, participants have access to a full memory of the experience, which allows them to relive it, and begin to create their own meaning, becoming the storyteller themselves. That’s why “Tell me a story” has ROI when “Hand me those slides” does not.

Storytelling has all the components that neuropsychology explains you need to motivate, engage, innovate, free creativity, get aligned, and move your organization forward. 

Stories help you build stronger emotional ties to your critical messages. They provide triggers and ideas for bringing the stories home so that your attendees become the storytellers themselves. This happens when a concept called redintegration comes into play. Redintegration is the ability to bring a memory back full-force and it happens not in the logical centers of your brain where powerpoint can access it, but in the emotional centers where storytelling and visual learning occur.

At Idea360 we design for ROE – return on experience – that can be measured in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, positioning success, and your organization’s ability to achieve goals – and to create a strategy story that is not just an idea but a reality. 

We work to ensure your well-designed Strategy Story does more than push information – your story creates a movement.

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