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Visual Thinking

When using Design Thinking, there are literally thousands of tools and methods available to help you discover what people want and how to deliver on their expectations. The challenge is to figure out which ones to use and when to use them. This comes from experience and training. 

One method to enhance creativity is Visual Thinking. 

Visual thinking helps you unlock a different part of our brain. It allows you to think in a non-verbal way, and access parts of your creativity. Most design thinkers call visualization “the mother of all design tools” because it is used in every stage of the design thinking process – from  Empathize to Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. And even through each round of Iteration, until you get it right. 

Visual Thinking is a human-centered approach that gives you and your team an experience that integrates visual storytelling, design thinking, and digital facilitation. It should foster curiosity among people so they feel a deeper connection to what’s possible, can visualize what they imagine, and will choose to act. You achieve this by engaging in a process that identifies the challenge, conceptualizes solutions and outcomes, and locates you (your place and your role) in the story. When done right, Visual Thinking links the emotional and logical brain, thus leading to smarter choices and actions.

Creative problem solving is better done with a picture that gets everyone on the same page and allows them to see themselves in the picture.

Visual Thinking has a big “return on experience” (ROE) that enables people to develop an emotional connection to the work so they are compelled and inspired to take action toward a solution.

At Idea360, we understand and use your learning models and process to meet your needs and that of your people. We humanize strategy and visualize change.

Our services are designed for those who are seeking new ways to problem-solve, build something innovative, better understand their organization or their clients, and ask questions in new and creative ways. 

Idea360 creates immersive experiences that help people imagine, collaboratively create and design a better future through strategic visualization, innovative meeting facilitation and interactive human experiences

We keep the human in process design and digital facilitation.


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