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We put possibility in action for meetings, conferences, and events.

We collaborate with your organization to plan, design, or facilitate your next meeting or event and turn it into a transformational experience. We help generate active participation, excitement, and curiosity among your participants. 

Here are sample agenda topics for which we provide a visual framework:

  • Customer and employee experience
  • Empathy mapping
  • “Future Of…” – reimagining your business model
  • Journey Mapping
  • Culture change
  • Prototyping
  • Team building
  • Organization development
  • Change management


The 3 steps to putting Possibility Into Action for your meeting or event:

Step 1. BEFORE

We engage at the beginning of the planning phase so that the breadth of our services might give your event new possibilities and a distinctive direction.

Services may include:


We focus on the outcome and success of your meeting! We consult and ideate around how we can best apply our “Possibility In Action” and “Impact Journey” to the meeting design and facilitation


We utilize MURAL’s digital platform to help organizations increase both the quality and efficiency of design thinking programs for business operations. We facilitate MURAL sessions, identify and create prework, create custom templates, and create a strategy to implement MURAL throughout your organization.


We design and facilitate purpose-driven, strategic conversations that are collaborative, productive and vibrate with ideas and buy-in.


We combine visual learning and storytelling to deepen understanding, spark creativity, foster shared understanding, and clarify concept so people meaningfully take action.


Confirm, clarify and tightly define your strategy to ensure it is integrated effectively throughout the event.

Step 2. DURING

By including us in the design phase and on-site execution of the project, we are able to ensure focused, productive immersive experiences throughout the event.

Services may include:


We use media in all forms to create a unique story that  engages the head, hearts and senses of your people to build emotional ties to your key messages.


We help meeting attendees learn and retain key information, see things more clearly, innovate and problem solve together


Our immersive experiences are interactive, connected and generative which result in more confidence about organizational strategy and a new culture of visionary leadership and competitiveness. Our immersive experiences can take the form of a Two-hour breakout inside your event, or a living lab that fully unfolds over a period of time.


We provide a strategy people can walk away with, put to use, share with others, and pick the conversation back up in the same place without having to start the process over every time.


Capture and share more of what happens at the meeting. When we can FEEL the stories and UNDERSTAND the deeper meanings, we can SHARE momentum long after the meeting is over.


We embrace and incorporate new technologies that provide the opportunity to share experiences visually and interact immediately throughout your organization and across multiple locations.


The Listening Lab Popup a new social listening tool; an engaging, creative and inclusive way to talk to each other. Capture and leverage local intelligence to discover creative ideas, design and conduct creative experiments, and then, based on the insights, act on the intelligence. Imagine what is possible when we are able to harness local intelligence. Popups range from one-hour-long events to corporate programs that span years.


Step 3. AFTER

It’s important that people leave your event and do something with the information on Monday! It’s not good enough to “hope” they got it. We plan for useable outputs at the end of the meeting that help drive the plan throughout the organization.

Services may include:

  • MAPS

Annotated visual reminders of where we arrived and how we got there, and perhaps our next destination.


The insights and intelligence you capture through the onsite Listening  Lab Pop-Up  can now be disseminated throughout the organization, giving you a broader base of understanding, ideation and support for emerging new initiatives. It will help you can more easily translate new strategies into bold action.


We create a fully designed and branded takeaway, complete with visuals, storytelling, maps and more, to bring back all the details, excitement and energy of your meeting. By capturing the events, speakers, and ideas of your journey, you retain the momentum, encourage action and share the enthusiasm so that even colleagues who did not attend will quickly understand and become part of your movement

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