Does “End Meeting” = “End Momentum”?


We spend weeks—sometimes even months—planning for the next big meeting. We line up all the right speakers, plan the right content, and when the meeting happens, we have just the right level of engagement from participants. Success!

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But then we click “End Meeting” on Zoom, everyone goes back to their to-do lists, and all the momentum disappears in an instant.

Where does our momentum go and how can we make it stay? ​

Our meetings—particularly in this virtual world—are not designed for what happens after the meeting or even after “end meeting.” We focus our planning on how to engage our attendees during the meeting, but do we know how to curate a post-meeting plan for momentum? 

In a world of ZOOM FATIGUE, we yearn for a meeting that brings together multi-sensory, strategic, human-centered strategies to highlight big ideas and facilitate creative problem-solving. We might use MIRO or MURAL or even Google Docs to share ideas, collaborate, and leverage all the intelligence in the “room.” But who has time to bring together and make sense of all that intelligence and creativity that lives in multiple platforms? 

Do Our Virtual Meetings Have Expiration Dates? ​

What REALLY happens to all of that possibility when the meeting ends and all that collective intelligence disappears? Who holds the STORY of the meeting? There are no coffee stations, hallways, or lunch tables where attendees organically share the story of their experience or make sense of all that they heard, learned, or created.

And if they do find a way to share about the meeting afterward, how do we know they’re sharing the “right” things? How do we, as leaders, curate the story of the meeting and put it all together in a way that actually amplifies the impact of the meeting? 

Our Brains Are Wired for Story

Story-telling and social meaning-making is imperative to building post-meeting momentum. Our meeting attendees need to understand how all the content connects to the big picture, and they need to see themselves and each other inside that big picture story. They need a way to make sense of everything they heard and experienced so they can not only remember, but relive the experience, and use it to inspire their actions moving forward.  

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The Power of a Shared Story

The Amplify the Impact Visual Storybook is designed to facilitate this very kind of story-telling and meaning-making. It is a map for post-meeting momentum, generated in real-time during your meeting and then provided to all attendees afterward. It is a visual re-telling of the meeting’s key themes and ideas, allowing participants to feel a deeper connection to what’s possible and be propelled into action.

How You Can Amplify the Impact of Your Next Meeting

It’s simple. You design your meeting (we can help with that, too!), keeping in mind what you want to happen after the meeting. Do you want your meeting to have an expiration date? Or limitless momentum? 

Our visual and narrative story-tellers attend your meeting and capture the experience, key themes and ideas in real time. We provide an Amplify the Impact Visual Storybook after the meeting (like, right after the meeting… even as fast as 15 minutes!), including graphic content maps, written narratives, photographs, links to resources, and post-meeting calls to action.

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Invite Your Attendees into a New Future

Your meeting attendees are delighted to see their connected ideas immediately after the meeting, and the Visual Storybook gives them access to their full memory of the experience and inspires them to move toward the future you invited them into. 


And you and your attendees will know that the time spent preparing for and attending the meeting was time well spent.

See It For Yourself

hybrid meeting with team members for annual strategy planning

Here’s an example of an Amplify the Impact Visual Storybook we recently created for the Colorado Community Health Network during their Policy Panel. The panel organizer said, “This product delivered exactly what we needed – simple, graphically eye-catching, fun!”.

Here’s a snapshot of our visual storybook.  Click here

Interested in Amplifying the Impact of your next meeting or event? 

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