Empower Storytellers


Empower your people to be storytellers and watch the magic happen.

“Tell me your story.”

This is how we start most conversations, and when standing before a big blank map, is the precursor to putting pen to paper. Stories are powerful tools that can be used to create change, build culture, disseminate learning, capture knowledge and inspire movements.

Adding storytelling to your meetings and events engages the heads, hearts and bodies of your people so they can connect to the message more easily. Developing an emotional connection to a message can be challenging at best. As you undergo any strategic change or new initiative, the solution often needs to go deeper so people know and understand you and your message at a different level. 

Going deeper means you must appeal to their emotions and visual sense – they actually need to feel the message. When companies use compelling visual elements, along with strong narration, employees engage with the story and are able to see how their actions impact the outcome.

Feel the Message, Join the Movement

What can you communicate through story? 

  1. Organizational Vision and Mission
  2. Strategy
  3. Values
  4. Behavioral changes
  5. Cultural shifts

Here are some other ways you can incorporate storytelling into your meetings and events.

Messaging and Content Creation – Create a plan for internal or external messaging and content creation that engages your audience in a narrative arc and supports your story. The key to good storytelling is getting people involved at a feeling level. We help your organization utilize the best of neuroscience, rhetoric, writing, and social media to get the word out.

Brand Promise – We are the stories we tell. We help you use storytelling to get your organization positioned where you need to be to increase market share, brand recognition, and enthusiasm around your company, project, products and ideas.

Leadership Stories – Leaders, by definition, are motivators and fire starters. We work to help leaders ignite a team or an organization with their stories.

Change Management – In order to get movement anywhere in an organization it is essential to be both a compelling storyteller and an ardent listener.

At Idea360 we design for ROE – return on experience – that can be measured in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, positioning success, and your organization’s ability to achieve goals by creating a Strategy Story that is not just an idea, but a reality. 

We work to ensure your well-designed Strategy Story does more than push information – your story creates a movement.

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