Headlines of the Future

Taking the Fear Out of Failure

It’s a common question in business to be asked, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” As Heuristic Futurists, we’re all about


Empower Storytellers

Empower your people to be storytellers and watch the magic happen. “Tell me your story.” This is how we start most conversations, and when standing

Man talking during graphic facilitation discovery

Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking When using Design Thinking, there are literally thousands of tools and methods available to help you discover what people want and how to deliver

Small mind map activity done with markers

Pioneering Visual Experiences

PIONEERING VISUAL EXPERIENCES through VISUAL LEARNING, GRAPHIC RECORDING and GRAPHIC FACILITATION How many screens, monitors and images have you looked at today? How many words

Corporate team after graphic facilitation session standing with their work from the day

Human Centered Design

Human-Centered Design  Traditionally, businesses have not prioritized human talents, assets and capabilities in their work. Focusing primarily on technological advancements, they’ve lost the balance of humans and tech – the future will require both. To