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To combat inaction in a meeting, IDEA360 meetings are designed with an outcome in mind from team leaders. There is a higher opportunity for recall with an IDEA360 assisted meeting.

idea360 engages people. Meeting attendees stop their world of distractions — they put away their phones, stop texting and reading emails, and they’re not buried in their laptops. They take time to work “on” the business, rather than “in” the business. Teams become inspired to do remarkable work.

A team forms an identity together. An organized team allows people to go home on time, with the anticipation of returning to work and knowing their work experience is something they can accomplish, with goals that are possible, and tasks that make sense — like firefighters who know they will put out a fire and walk away heroes.

Leaders often get stuck. Leaders need new ideas to help bring a team to an outcome. Companies that have turned to PowerPoint, flip charts — even Playback Theatre — have found that nothing has equaled the excellence of IDEA360 meetings.

Meeting attendees often feel they’re not being heard. IDEA360 facilitation allows people who feel they’re not being heard to have a voice and to find a way to connect to what they’re doing.

After a great journey, you have to unpack the story. IDEA360’s Possibility Formula™ gives teams and leadership the visual storytelling tools. Rediscover the important points of your meeting and provide a roadmap for communication initiatives. A Graphic Recording has the best chance of getting shareholders and investment teams on board.

Marketing departments consistently benefit from top-notch graphic facilitation.New initiatives are born from graphically recording meetings. The marketing and branding teams don’t have to work so hard to come up with new insights. The invisible power of the imagination becomes visible.

IDEA360 allows people to explore. We provide the focus to stay on track and meet the goals of the outcome.

Participants walk away with a toolbox. They take those tools to inform the next meeting. Meetings now have a way of living on; a meeting is replayed and retold to higher management for their buy-in and approval. Unpacked, the meeting becomes a record for leaders and new hires alike.