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Video and Photography

(1/2 to 1 Full Day)

Trains individuals and teams on the essential presentation skills necessary for any story. This is a spoken rather than written workshop in which you learn to be comfortable and effective speaking in front of any audience. You learn how to structure talks based on the most recent theories on engagement and public speaking. You'll also develop skills to make any talk a compelling narrative that will grab and hold your listeners’ attention.

Cascade the Right Messages

(1/2 to 1 Full Day)

Storytellers need listeners and vice versa. This workshop builds the interpersonal skills to change how individuals, teams, and whole organizations function. We focus on three skills: conversations, emotional intelligence, and story. At the end of the workshop participants will have the knowledge and skillfulness to connect through conversation.

Post-Meeting Strategy and Storytelling

(1/2 to 1 Full Day)

Developing great communication through storytelling is what we do, and we can help your attendees do it, too. Facilitated debrief sessions (individual or group), help your attendees sift thought all of the stimulus and use the information they received at the summit to assimilate the AH-HA’s.

COACHING - One hour, using Skype or other face-to-face technology.

FACE TO FACE - Onsite/one day.

Storytelling Workshops - We are Wired to Do It, We Just Need to Re-Learn How

(Length Designed to Needs)

Help your attendees find their skills as a storytellers and listeners. This workshop builds understanding of how to set goals, develop narrative, listen carefully, and speak with heart and skill.