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"Tell me your story."

Empower your people to be storytellers and watch the magic happen.

roi of conversation

Yes, there is ROI on conversation. It can be measured in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, positioning success, and your organization's ability to achieve goals – and to create strategy that is not just an idea but a reality. Conversation can do more than push information; it can create a movement.

Storytelling has all the components that neuropsychology explains you need to motivate, engage, innovate, free creativity, get aligned, and move your organization forward.

“Tell me your story.”

This is how we start most conversations and, when standing before a big blank map, is the precursor to putting pen to paper. We’re certain you have heard the storytelling buzz… people are talking about how stories can be used to create change, build culture, disseminate learning, and capture knowledge and inspire movements.

Storytelling that happens in a meeting has the potential to create new and deeper meaning in your organization. With support and conscious work to grow attendee skills, your organization will experience the payoff again and again, even after engagement ends, because that is when the magic really happens, and results are realized.

We provide triggers and ideas for bringing the stories home and your attendees become the storytellers themselves. This happens when a concept called redintigration comes into play. Redintigration is the ability to bring a memory back full-force and it happens not in the logical centers of your brain where powerpoint can access it, but in the emotional centers where storytelling and visual learning occur.

Participants will have access to a full memory of the experience allowing them to re-live it and begin to create their own meaning and become the storyteller. That’s why “Tell me a story,” has ROI when “Hand me those slides” does not.

When storytelling works:

Story Assessments – What are the stories you are telling your organization and your organization is telling the world? Are they the ones you would like to share or are you transmitting messages unintentionally? We can assess your stories and their impact on your success as an organization and turn around your engagement and message.

Messaging and Content Creation – Create a plan for internal or external messaging and content creation that engages your audience in a narrative arc and supports your story. The key to good storytelling is getting people involved at a feeling level. We help your organization utilize the best of neuroscience, rhetoric, writing, and social media to get the word out.

Brand Promise – We are the stories we tell. We help you use storytelling to get your organization positioned where you need to be to increase market share, brand recognition, and enthusiasm around your company, project, products, and ideas.

Leadership Stories – Leaders, by definition, are motivators and fire starters. We work to help leaders ignite a team or an organization with their stories.

Change Management – In order to get movement anywhere in an organization it is essential to be both a compelling storyteller and an ardent listener.