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Working Directly with an Organization

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients and we really enjoy helping organizations build visual and storytelling muscles. We understand the value of learning about your organization — what works, and how it works.

We provide value:

  • Meeting design or partnering on the design team
  • Visual thinking design
  • Using visual thinking tools to facilitate the meeting or parts of the meeting
  • Post meeting outcome rollout
  • Communication and next steps roll out after the meeting
  • Storytelling workshops to empower your people to tell their story

Are you in charge of a meeting, event, or conference as a planner or event coordinator?

We provide graphic facilitation and/or we can bring the full team to provide dynamic meeting products and processes called AMPLIFY the IMPACT or idea360MOBILE.

Our team is made up of:

  • Video storytellers
  • Narrative storytellers
  • Professional photographers
  • Producer/Directors
  • Content curators
  • Graphic Facilitators

Do you work as an external consultant or are you facilitating a meeting and need a graphic recorder, or a team of graphic recorders?

We are happy to partner with you and to go into a meeting as a part of your team. We find that facilitation and visual mapping are a dance. We have been visually mapping meetings for 16 years and we offer best practices in the form of templates, tools and process design. We can provide an individual graphic recorder or coordinate a large graphic recording team if your meeting has lots of moving parts.