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Live Learning Maps

A map is an 8ft x 4ft piece of paper. These maps are captured in real time during a meeting. Each individual’s thoughts and input are recorded and made available to the whole group. A typical output is one map per two hours of conversation/process.

Studio Maps

Studio maps are created pre- or post-meeting. They can include an overall visual summary or can be used as a holder of information.


Pre-charts are done before the meeting. They hold information that will be referenced throughout the meeting, such as models, outcomes, research, or interview data.

Summary Maps

These maps represent an overall visual summary that provides a high-level overview of the information and agreements from the meeting. We have done roadmaps as well as vision and engagement stories.

Story-telling Maps

Story-telling Maps Story-telling maps are a good way to communicate to employees, organizations, or stakeholders, where the company has been, what they were doing, and where they are going. This type of map evolves over time in conversations in the studio and boardroom, between the graphic facilitator and the people responsible for telling the story. Our team goes back to the studio and creates the final maps that can be presented to your group. This is a personal, powerful, and effective way to communicate to your audience.

Custom Templates

We design custom templates specific to your organization's needs to support a specific group process. The templates can be used by the graphic recorder or can empower you to facilitate your own meetings.