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Help Meeting Attendees Learn and Retain Key Information

Our visual sense takes up 50% of our brain’s resources. Because of this, pictures truly are worth the proverbial 1000 words. In neurology, this is called the pictorial superiority effect. If information is presented orally, after 72 hours one will only remember approximately 10% of what was heard. But when a picture is added, recall reaches 65%. Our brains are wired to find visualization, graphic facilitation, and graphic recording compelling. Use this in your meetings and events to create a new and more effective way of communicating.

Graphic Recording

The intent is to capture the essence of the discussion and the specific points, statements, and agreements in a graphic format. The graphic recorder uses felt marking and large sheets of butcher paper, sometimes in combination with pre-made templates. The output of each process is large, illustrated maps that can be used to unpack the conversation at a later time. This visual method is a powerful tool that assists learning and communication between groups and individuals.

Graphic Facilitation

A visual thinking process creates understanding as we begin to see patterns and combine ideas in new ways - allowing us to see things more clearly, innovate and problem solve together. This role combines understanding of group process, meeting facilitation, and agenda design. Often we partner with internal/external teams who are responsible for the meeting outcomes, and together, integrate visual learning processes in the meeting flow and agenda design.