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idea360 Uses Graphic Recording & Facilitation in all Services we Provide.


The first step is to design a meeting with the tools and process that will best achieve your desired outcomes. Our role begins here at the beginning of the meeting planning process. What are the messages you want your audience to come away with and be able to bring back to use at your organization?


We then capture the content of the meeting LIVE. The graphic recorder uses felt markers and large sheets of butcher paper, sometimes in combination with pre-made templates. The output of each process is large, illustrated maps that you can use to unpack the conversation at a later time. This visual method is a powerful tool that facilitates learning and communication between groups and individuals as your attendees see their ideas come to life! Using these visual strategies we take your ideas out of the realm of conversation and transfer them into creative, visual images. The intent is to capture the essence of the discussion and the specific points, statements, and agreements in a graphic format.


After the meeting we can provide a comprehensive representation of the meeting, including maps, photos, and written annotation and video. These reports serve as memory devices and agreement holders for those who were present at the meeting. They also act as an excellent summary and communication tool that can be used to share the meeting and its outcomes with those not in attendance. Reports can be created in hard copy, bound, or digital and mobile formats.

  • Brainstorming meetings
  • Visioning
  • Visual storytelling
  • Strategic planning
  • Ideation
  • Presentations
  • Community charrettes
  • Brand development
  • Product concepts
  • Keynote speeches
  • Sales and planning meetings