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Developing an emotional connection to a message can be challenging at best. As you undergo any strategic change or new initiative, the solution often needs to go deeper so people know and understand you and your message at a different level. Going deeper means you must appeal to their emotions and visual sense – they actually need to feel the message. When companies use compelling visual elements, like video, along with strong narration, employees engage with the story and are able to see how their actions impact the outcome.

Documentary Storytelling is a communication format designed to engage the heads, hearts and bodies of your people so they connect to the message and more easily take action toward the solution.

We partner with clients who want to create an authentic, user-centric story that communicates what is important and builds energy so the viewer sees what is possible and is able to make connections. We work with you to communicate:

1. Organizational Vision and Mission
2. Strategy
3. Values
4. Behavioral changes
5. Cultural shifts

We help you build stronger emotional ties to your critical messages. Through storytelling, we challenge current frameworks and thinking, and present ideas in a way that delivers meaningful messages and inspire people to think and act differently.

We utilize media in all forms, from live-action to computer graphic illustration, to tell your story with customized delivery via tablet, web, or broadcast.

  • Documentary Story Making
  • Whiteboard Video/Motion Storytelling
  • Employee Engagement Video
  • Leadership Interview
  • Event/Conference Capturing
  • Sales/Marketing Training Video
  • Commercial/Broadcast

Learn about bringing it all together.