Amplify the ROI of your next meeting. Keep the momentum going long after the meeting is over. See how our clients have successfully done this.

Case Study: Coca Cola

Challenge: It was in the news: Coca-Cola Company was under fire. For starters, Coke was missing a strong message for sustainable practices. But there was something more going on. Coca-Cola's market share was dropping. Their relationships were suffering from the inside and out. Their employees, their customers, their bottlers, and their vendors were disconnected from the company's mission. Coca-Cola, one of the most successful companies in history, was missing a strategy for growth.

Case Study: Smartwool

Challenge: SmartWool is a very popular American brand of winter apparel. But SmartWool had been experiencing fluxes in management, causing disorganization in many departments and logistical challenges for effective leadership and communication. How could SmartWool, owned by Timberland, maintain its identity and focus in a global corporate marketplace?

Amplify the Impact

Amplify the Impact™. This product is designed to literally amplify the impact of meetings and conferences. Born to meet the needs of leadership, Amplify the Impact™ combines real time visual learning and organizational storytelling to give participants a way to re-experience critical information and messages, and drive engagement and action. Leading organizations need a way to maximize the investment dollars and effort when gathering people for meetings and conferences.