Planning an ordinary meeting or a movement in disguise? Request a Quote

Tasked with making meaningful decisions fast?

Capturing inspiration?

Making connections and communicating impact?

You can’t afford to let your best ideas disappear.

Combine these 2 modalities together and you can Amplify the Impact of your On-Boarding Session! You want your attendees to explode the stories and the ideas at home and bring the excitement to colleagues who did not attend. After the meeting, you have a community of revolutionaries who have a common memory and are ready to use their experience as a springboard for ACTION.

Graphic Facilitation is a visual thinking process to create understanding by helping us find patterns and combine ideas in new ways that allow us to SEE things clearly, innovate, and problem solve together.

Narrative Storytelling is a way of capturing and sharing information that uses our oldest brain functions to listen better and share more of what happens at the meeting. When we can FEEL the stories and UNDERSTAND the deeper meanings, we can SHARE momentum long after the meeting is over.